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We fight for your rights.

Whether you've been injured by someone's negligence or accused of a crime, We protect your rights and guide you through the process every step of the way.

Our job is to hold people responsible for their actions. Whether it’s the driver of the car that caused an accident, the pet owner who didn’t keep their pet under control, the business owner who didn’t keep their property safe or the government that’s alleged you’ve committed a crime, We are a steadfast advocate for your rights. What happens in the courtroom is the culmination of hours, days and even weeks behind the scenes.

Like most other firms, We leverage the latest technology to help tell your story. What makes us different, though, is that we still employ old-fashioned hard work to get the background on witnesses, uncover the evidence. I utilize the hard work and latest technology to make sure we are prepared to present the entire story in a compelling way. We find those responsible for your injuries or prove your innocence. And while in some cases the results of that hard work may mean negotiating the best possible plea, it always means doing what’s in your best interest.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you resolve issues and put your life back together. From car accidents, slip and falls, traffic violations and dog bites to death caused by fire, insurance bad faith, product liability and DUIs, I’ve tried myriad cases in front of administrative panels, judges and juries. So, whether you’ve suffered a serious accident or are facing criminal charges that disrupt your life, We will help you face those challenges with competence and compassion.

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